5 June 2012

Bean There, Done That - Green Bean Casserole

I always feel very American baking casseroles, I don't think I ate them as a child, you always see them eating casserole when they are depicting 'wholesome American families' in movies.
ANYWAY. Green Bean Casserole.
GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE. I could eat it all day. All day. Its delicious. Like so good. OMG. Green. Bean. Casserole.
I promise you, this has every aspect of a good meal. Greens, creamy mushrooom sauce, crunchy onion topping. Let me school you on how to make the bestest most delicious dinner on earth!

Green Beans - lots. of. beans.
Bag of Mushrooms, sliced
3 cloves garlic
Cayenne Pepper
Handful of Flour
3/4 c Chicken Stock (we use Massel)
Splash of Sherry
3/4 c Soy Milk
Fresh Bread
1 tbsp Margarine (we use Nuttelex)
2 Onions
Soy Milk
Vegetable Oil
Salt & Pepper

Preheat oven to moderate heat/180 degrees.
Fry thems onions! But first, remember all good things come to those who soak! Slice up the onions and put them in a bowl and cover with soy milk.
Pop a pot of vege oil on the stove and heat it up. In a shallow dish of flour toss the onions, (not too many so they clump!) The oil is ready when you drop a piece of onion in and it immediately bubbles. Fry up all the onions until they are crispy and let them drain on a paper towel.

Trim beans and cut in half. Boil some water on the stove and add the beans. Boil for about 5 mins and then remove, and run some cold water over the beans to stop the cooking, you want them both cooked and crunchy. Can you get your head around that?

In a pot throw the mushrooms, a slop of olive oil, garlic- minced, and cook until they soften and release moisture. In a cup whisk some stock, water and about 2 tbsp of flour. Add this to the mushrooms, as well as the soy milk, and a splash of sherry - dependent on how much you like sherry or how much you want to get drunk at dinner! Stir this until the sauce thickens, and add salt and pepper, adjusting to taste. Pour beans into the pot and stir through until thoroughly combined.

In a food processor put some fresh bread, marge, and salt & pepper. Blitz a few times, not so the mixture is dust, but a nice chunky crumbly mixture. Combine this with the onions.

To assemble your casserole, pour the bean/shroom mix into a casserole dish (who knew???), and sprinkle with onion mix.
Pop into the oven, and cook until the topping is golden brown, 10-15 mins.

Remove. Smash back. I told you it was delicious right?
Also very ugly. For real, see below.
But delicious!


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